05 Oct

Customer Service as a Sales Channel

Your company might offer the best products since sliced bread and you may well have the most tenacious sales team the world has ever seen. You could have a fantastic online presence, use all the e-Commerce sites under the sun and make really exciting, highly shareable videos that bring joy to people all over the world. But if your customer service isn’t up to it, none of that will mean a thing.

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26 Sep

Dos and Don’ts of Using Chatbots for Customer Service

We all know the importance of customer service. If the people who buy into your company are dissatisfied with the level of service they receive they probably won’t even tell you- you’ll just never hear from them again. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if they’re really peeved, they’ll tell other people about it- even more bad news for your business.

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20 Sep

Furious Customer? Here’s How to Win

You’ll no doubt have heard the expression “The customer is always right” and it’s something that’s been reiterated countless times on sales and service related training courses. But perhaps a more appropriate phrase should be “The customer always thinks they’re right”- and it’s that belief that you have to work with.

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06 Sep

Which to Prioritise: Customer Experience or Sales?

It doesn’t take world class entrepreneurial talent to know that generating sales is essential for any business. Unless you’re running a company out of the goodness of your heart or you have an unlimited supply of cash, you’ll need to see good profits year on year and sales will inevitably be a key priority. But with all the will and hard work in the world, without great customer service you’re wasting your time.

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28 Aug

Top 3 reasons why social media is a great tool for customer service

It’s hard to believe that little over a decade ago, social media was still something of a mystery to most people. When Facebook was created in 2004 it was seen by many as just another passing fad, and its predecessors Six Degrees and Myspace were reserved mainly for the cool kids and techies. Since then, the cynics and naysayers have all been proved wrong- there are now over 2 billion active social media accounts across the globe and the benefits of being connected online aren’t just about making friends. Social media platforms now offer huge opportunities for businesses to market themselves and they’ve become a must-have for companies who want to maintain good relationships with customers.

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18 Aug

How Can Mystery Shopping Improve Your Business

It goes without saying that delivering great service is good business sense. Your customers should be cherished and given the kind of experience they’ll want to use again and recommend to others. But how do you ensure that’s happening without making all your clients complete a survey after each business transaction or watching your frontline staff’s every move? The answer for many companies is mystery shopping.

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