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StagFox Research

This powerful omnichannel ‘customer voice’ measurement solution facilitates a data-driven approach to streamline operations and improve productivity.

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Key Features

The One Stop for Mystery Shopping & Surveys

StagFox Research can schedule mystery shopping assignments or/and conduct surveys

Mobile Reporting on Android & iOS

Now you can access your data on-the-go with our Android and iOS mobile reporting applications

Create & Monitor Action Plans

With StagFox Research you can create and monitor individual improvement action plans and then assign them

Never-ending Q&As

StagFox Research doesn’t limit your survey questions. Ask away! You can pose as many questions you want to get all the data you need

Data Analysis & Reporting

With StagFox Research you can generate powerful reports that will analyse data by ranking locations and competitors, cross tabulate and compare responses and access media galleries to view file attachments all in one place

Customize Client Dashboards

Use StagFox Research powerful visualisation and presentation tools to easily identify trends, analyse performance and benchmark against your competition and identify improvement areas

Automatic Assignment Notifications

StagFox Research can generate daily email reports on all assignments over the past 24 hours. Receiving this feedback direct to your mailbox means you can stay on top of your game

The Easy Way To Create & Send Surveys

With StagFox Research you can easily conduct in-depth market research or a simple poll. Survey capabilities include 15+ question types, branching and skipping logic, customized logo and branding, mobile-friendly surveys, and multi-channel distribution

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