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This revolutionary software is changing the customer experience landscape. It links the physical and digital worlds allowing communication between the two. It is the software for the e-conversation age. StagFox can be used at retail stores, malls, kiosks, vending machines and payment terminals. Its proprietary ‘cryptographic’ handshake delivers never-before-seen, real- time customer conversation and engagement

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StagFox: The Benefits

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Personalized offer push and pull
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Affordability
  • Passive Audience Measurement
  • Dynamic Broadcasting
  • Frees up In-store Staff
  • Verifies Proof of Presence
  • Key Data Reporting

Proof of Presence

StagFox verifies a customer’s physical presence at a given location at a specific time.

It facilitates notifications with:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Surveys
  • Personalised customer offers
  • Dynamic feedback

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