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Our services are supported by our unique software solutions all developed in house


The World’s First Dynamic Customer Journey Mapping Solution

Mapovate is the world’s 1rst Journey Mapping Software with Dynamic Real-time Voice of Customer Analytics.

It helps you understand the key pain points that impact negatively on customers’ experiences; convert them into opportunities to differentiate brand from competitors.



Knowledgetraq Is A Unique, Multi-Purpose Software Solution

It is designed to collect, report, analyze and share real time Voice of Customer feedback!

KnowledgeTRAQ links companies to a large pool of mystery shoppers and researchers and allows them to create and run any type of Survey or Mystery Shopping assignment.



The Region's First Employee Happiness Measurement Tool

Being the 1rst of its kind, HappyTRAQ helps you measure and improve workplace happiness and engagement through its advanced features by gathering, analyzing and acting on employee feedback.

Available in multiple languages. 



Stagfox Is A Breakthrough Solution Which Extends Digital Competencies

In fact, it’s the world’s only service which allows smartphone users, irrespective of their type of mobile, to prove their presence at a physical location.
With customisable microservices, such as surveys, offers and notifications, state-of the-art data visualisation, as well as three types of integration and an easy installation process, we are sure that StagFox will solve your business needs.

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