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Mystery Shopping Solutions


• Monitor customer experience journey
• Identify weaknesses
• Get feedback on each customer journey interaction point
• Improve sales and boost revenue
• Motivate employees
• Identify poor performing outlets and channels
• Monitor staff performance and identify training needs
• Cost-effective monitoring of service standards
• Benchmark performance against competitors
• Discover how the market receives products and services

Capturing 'Customer Voice'

Mystery Shopping

All our Mystery Shopping projects deliver exceptional data that helps to improve customer service and lead to increased revenue 

Capturing your internal and external ‘customer voice’ is critical. With it you can improve your customer experience by identifying strengths and weaknesses and progressing solutions. Our extensive experience in surveys develop and management will deliver accurate and meaningful research results.

At Ethos, we have supervised more than a million surveys. With in-depth field work, we create surveys tailored to client’s individual requirements and specifications, which are aligned to produce vital research to inform growth strategies.


Branches & Service Centres

Mystery shoppers observe and minute their experience of a physical store/branch/service centre to measure service quality and collate data on products or services.


Call Centres

Mystery shoppers evaluate their call centre experiences and provide a detailed report on call answering, agent’s soft skills, product knowledge, turnaround time, issues resolution & regulatory compliance.


Website & Digital

Our mystery shopping programmes evaluate clients’ digital channels from the customer standpoint. This involves ease of navigation, requesting products & services, website standards, efficiency, and turnaround time.


Mobile App / Smart Service

Our mystery shoppers test and measure clients’ mobile apps/smart services and report on their experience including accessibility, efficiency, information availability and responsiveness.


Brand Positioning and Price Check

Mystery shoppers observe and/or interact with front line staff to collate specific information on price and/or brands i.e. competitor pricing and in-store product placement.


Franchise Compliance

Our mystery shoppers ensure all franchise branches are in compliance with brand and operating procedures. Our clients are franchisors and franchisees looking for a fast, diversified solution that can ensure compliance worldwide.


Promotional Kiosks & Promoters

Our mystery shoppers measure the efficiency of special promotion offers. They evaluate promotional kiosks and report on the promotion’s availability, information accuracy and promotional standards.


Social Media & Live Chat

Our mystery shoppers test the functionality and responsiveness of clients’ social media channels by posing queries. They report with detailed analysis of accessibility, responsiveness, and accuracy.

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