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Ethos Learning Solutions

Continuous Customer Service Improvement
Cycle “Training Needs Analysis & Implementation”

All of our training programs are accredited by the International Customer Service Institute in the UK, are developed by Management Consultants based on global benchmarks and best practices and are delivered by highly qualified trainers.

The aim of our training programs are to ensure continuous development and using a Governance Framework for knowledge transfer and an excellence roadmap to allow for continuous improvements.

Training Solutions

Selling in a Challenging Environment

A sales training that tackles the challenges of the UAE Banking environment. This training program provides employees with the skills and nurtures their personal sales talents in order to maximize the outcome of their sales efforts.

Client Training

Custom made client training that addresses the key needs for service excellence, market retention and customer experience management.

Horizons of Excellence

Service Excellence training that revolves around the core of quality and customer experience excellence. The training material, trainer and approach are all certified by TICSI and are based on the 5P’ model of service excellence.

Call Centre Development Training

Call centre development training that revolves around the core of quality and customer experience excellence, through the contact centre delivery channel. The training is based on the highest international standards of call centre quality excellence.

Leadership & Management Training

Leadership training is an interactive training workshop based on the modern concepts of employee and organisation leadership. The training revolves around real life experiences and situations to help develop a more effective and efficient leadership approach.

Training Accreditation

Training Consultancy to help accredit your current Service Excellence training programs, to be quality accredited by The International Customer Service Institute.

Analysis & Measurement Based Training

The scope of training and training content to be determined via measurement results and employees’ observation analysis (training needs analysis).

Certified trainings (CEM training)

Highly qualified Customer Experience Consultants, certified in Customer Experience Management who will assist your staff to comprehensively manage customer’s cross-channel exposure, interaction and transaction with the company.

Key Features

On Job Training & Coaching

Creation of SWOT Analysis for employees through direct observation to their performance, areas of weakness are then coached in a one to one session to transfer weakness into areas of strength.

Outdoor Training

Team Building. Personal and practical learning. Developing essential life skills. Creating success for all participants.


Edutainment is used to engage delegates and make the most of the active effect of games to help with training sessions. Edutainment is used to improve delegate learning interest and improve the session quality and efficiency.

Interactive Workshops

Conducted in an innovative stimulating environment, workshops conducted by Ethos will trigger the creativity of the attendees and stimulate them learn, share ideas.

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