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A Brilliant Culture is Made Up Of These People

To build a coherent and positive working culture, you need to employ the right people. They should all work well together, share your company values and act as ambassadors for your brand, but other than that they don’t actually have to have much in common. In fact, really positive workplaces are made up of all different types of people who come together to achieve a mutual goal.

It starts with you- or whoever else is at the very top of the organisational tree. As the hirer and the firer, it’s up to you to select the right people for the job and create a positive working environment where people feel like they can talk to you. Reward your staff for a job well done and allow them to grow, and you’re well on the way to a happy and productive workplace. But what other personality types and characteristics should you be looking out for? Brilliant work cultures are made up of these people:

  • The Visionary. A positive culture begins with a company vision and mission that everyone can understand and get behind. It also begins with an authentic leader who can motivate, encourage and fire people up to work hard. Visionaries have great ideas, but they’re also able to take a project all the way through to completion, delegate well and ensure that everyone is meeting deadlines. This is the personality type that most business leaders fall into.
  • The Innovator. Innovators are buzzing with new ideas and creative approaches to projects, but they tend to have short attention spans and be a little chaotic. Their positivity and energy can be great for morale, but try to partner them up with a Visionary or Analyst who can keep them on the straight and narrow.
  • The Worker. It’s great to have ideas people and free thinkers, but ultimately you’ll get nothing achieved without those who just want to get their heads down and work. Workers are great at getting projects finished on time and working to set directions. You might not find them too forthcoming with innovative ideas and business plans, but workers are some of your most important people and should be cherished.
  • The Communicator. All good teams have to be able to communicate, so you’re going to need someone with exceptional people skills who can bring everyone together. Communicators are great with colleagues and customers, and are naturally warm, friendly and confident. This personality type is fantastic at stakeholder meetings and presentations and can keep everyone motivated during projects and times of change.
  • The Analyst. Natural problem solvers who can sometimes come across as introverted and aloof, Analysts actually tend to work very well with Innovators because they like to tie up loose ends. They’re good at troubleshooting and going deep into issues, and work in a methodical, logical and autonomous way.

If you can bring this mix of people together, you’ve got a high chance of making your business a huge success. For more information about how to create a healthy and productive workforce contact Ethos today.

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