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Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Customer experience journey mapping helps chart the end-to-end customer experience giving you valuable insight into customer needs and expectations.

Our skilled consultants map journeys so you can understand your existing customer experience and identify potential pain points and improvement opportunities.

Mapping can be conducted across all delivery and interaction channels including websites, mobile apps, social media, customer service and call centres as well as direct in-branch interaction.

Mapping Workshops

In these workshops you’ll discover how to map the end-to-end customer journey across all customer experience delivery channels. Identify critical customer pain points, brainstorm solutions, and create resolution action plans. A highly focused medium to realize customer experience hurdles and improvement opportunities

Blue Print the Customer Journey

Access best practice customer journey documentation. Our comprehensive blueprints facilitate integration to: service deliver back office processes and procedures; performance measures identification

Documenting Future State Customer Experience

Our solutions team will map your future state customer journeys based on all outputs and discussions in the customer journey mapping

Tactical Planning

Our expert consultants will plan the steps and tactics you need to achieve the goals defined in your tailored future state journey maps

Consultancy Intervention Visits for Advisory & Support

Scheduled visits to your organisation help keep strategy implementation on track for a completely engaged customer experience

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