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Should You Outsource Your Customer Feedback Program or Keep it In-House?

You already know that it’s important to listen to what your customers tell you. All kinds of feedback are good for business- the good stuff builds morale and gives you a solid framework to work from, whilst the bad can enable you to learn and grow.

But how you manage your customer feedback program, and is it best to keep it all in-house or outsource it to someone else?

With most business decisions, there are pros and cons with each option. Depending on the size and needs of your company, you might have the resources to build a successful customer feedback platform and keep everything within your organization.  Alternatively, if you’re completely new to the idea, you might feel more comfortable passing the whole thing over to some trusted experts.

The most obvious benefit of keeping everything in the house is that it’s a less expensive option- on paper, at least.  You’ll be able to use existing resources and expertise to form a new working group and handle the whole project internally, without having to spend time explaining all the ins and outs to anyone else. This, in turn, can keep employees engaged and happy; elements that have been proven time and again to boost productivity.

On the downside, handling your customer feedback platform internally will probably take longer than it would if you outsource. Whoever’s responsible will have to do a lot of research about best practice and potentially attend some training courses. This has obvious implications for resources, so the amount of money you’ll won’t be as much as you’d have hoped. You’ll probably need to spend more on IT resources to build a successful platform too, further cutting into your budget.

There are pros and cons of outsourcing too. Choosing the right partner to manage the project for you is a big decision that can take time. You might want to invite a few companies to tender, during which time you could have already made significant headway in-house. Then there’s the cost. Outsourcing anything good is rarely a cheap option, which is why it’s important to choose a reputable partner.

On the plus side, outsourcing your customer feedback program can dramatically improve your chances of making it a real success. With access to proven models, methodologies, processes and expertise you’ve got a much better chance of not only asking the right questions but collecting that feedback in a meaningful, easy way.

There will be less research and planning time involved so the process can start happening more quickly, allowing you to start building customer feedback into your ongoing strategy.

It also really helps to build your reputation by showing people you’re committed to gold star customer service. If you’re working towards accreditation or joining forces with a renowned customer services specialist, it’s clear that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is and not simply paying lip service.

To find out more about customer feedback programs and how to create one that really works for your organization, contact Ethos today.

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