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Customer Experience Courses

In-Depth Knowledge for Better Customer Experience Practice

Grow Your Knowledge In CX

Ethos Integrated Solutions offers a wide variety of CX Focused learning and training courses 

Ethos Integrated Solutions offers a wide range of Customer Experience Management programs that are accredited by global organisations, to enable an organisation and its members to become customer focused and ensure that they are fully aware of how to manage and develop customer experience throughout the organisation.

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Customer Experience Trainings

Latest Learning Offerings For CX, CEM


Building Digital Customer Experience

This training course is designed to build cohesive internal operations among such departments as sales, marketing, customer support and other departments that are responsible for customer journey. The course covers essential topics: integration between the digital customer care unit, marketing digital activities and sales strategies. 


Measuring, Monitoring & Improving Customer Experience

This course features techniques, case studies and exercises to improve understanding of customer experience, measuring and monitoring customer expectations, designing effective questionnaires and other tools that help businesses stay ahead of competition by providing excellent CX Programmes. 


Customer-Centric Innovation and Latest CX Trends

This course provides comprehensive understanding and techniques for market research skills that innovators use to develop their product. Our experienced trainers will share their practical experience on how to take the product to market, apply latest trends while creating a breakthrough product.


Transforming Customer Experience

This training session delves into the fundamentals of leading and managing service-oriented businesses. You will explore new strategies for designing sustainable service models, addressing gaps in service execution, and delivering a transformational customer experience at your organisation.


Creating Positive Customer Experience

How to understand your customer’s end-to-end experience, or customer journey? Our online training course will guide you step by step to build an effective customer experience strategy, will teach to create and maintain a customer-centric culture—from creating a customer experience mission statement to getting executive buy-in and purposefully use various CX tools.


From Customer Experience Manager To Leader

In this online course you will learn to identify ways to establish links between excellence in customer service and business practices, create CX processes and policies, develop essential skills and practices, recognize what employees are looking for to be truly engaged, recognize who the customers are and what they are looking for, develop strategies for creating engaged employees and satisfied customers.

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