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Capturing your internal and external ‘customer voice’ is critical. With it you can improve your customer experience by identifying strengths and weaknesses and progressing solutions. Our extensive experience in surveys develop and management will deliver accurate and meaningful research results.

At Ethos, we have supervised more than a million surveys. With in-depth field work, we create surveys tailored to client’s individual requirements and specifications, which are aligned to produce vital research to inform growth strategies.

All our research is meticulously analysed and detailed in follow-through reporting.

Online Reporting

We continuously innovate to ensure our clients are at the leading-edge of integrated customer service provision.

We provide:

  • Visual analytics in an ‘easy to understand’ dashboard
  • Detailed scores for each location
  • Overall mystery shopping and survey channel scores
  • Comparisons with previous wave/month results

Survey Benefits

  • Get real-time feedback
  • Understand client and staff needs and expectations
  • Customer-focused, omni-channel performance assessments
  • Identification of improvement areas
  • Productivity boosts
  • Build customer loyalty by delivering on research results
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Best practice testing
  • Foster organisational & brand trusts

Key Features

Customer Satisfaction / Happiness Surveys

These surveys deliver the necessary insights to create and reinforce delightful experiences. They measure satisfaction and happiness, identify strengths and weaknesses, and unearth solutions to revenue growth hurdles

Employee Engagement Happiness Surveys

Employees are a crucial factor in your customer experience journey. By measuring employee engagement and happiness, you can improve loyalty, commitment, and engagement

Online Surveys

This is a simple way to fathom customer perceptions, satisfaction and happiness about your products and services. Customers receive an email with a link to a survey or have a survey link on your website to garner customer feedback

Brand and Product Research

Our research will give you vital information about your brand, products, services, and competitors. You’ll benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your competition and get key market insights including the customer base and potential

Vendors Surveys

Discover how your stack up on vendor relationships, identify and resolve hurdles

Social Media Surveys

Gain key data on your social media networks and your online influence across social networking sites

Exit Polls/ Pin Point Surveys

These surveys will help you assess your customer satisfaction levels across features or products and the likelihood of customer recommendations or purchase

Partners Surveys

Track feedback to improve partner relationships and prioritise and align objectives

B2B Surveys

Understand your partner relationships and what decision makers think

Community Surveys

Analyse, evaluate, and benchmark community satisfaction with your products/services

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