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5 Customer Experience Lessons from the World’s Biggest Brands

The brands that win the battle for consumer attention — and ultimately loyalty — are the ones that offer an exceptional customer experience to their customers. Last year, what was considered innovative is the minimum consumers expect the next — as the largest brands outdo each other and set new standards.

In this blog post, to inspire your approach, we are exploring five customer experience lessons from the world’s largest brands. Learn how to provide your competitors with a better client experience — and boost your bottom line.

Netflix: Getting Personal With Recommendations

Netflix has revolutionized the watching of movies and television shows by most individuals. At the heart of their strategy is an understanding that the key to providing customers with an experience that gets them hooked is personalization.

To learn what their customers want to see, Netflix uses machine learning algorithms. These information help them generate custom marketing with suggestions tailored to the individual tastes of each customer.

Starbucks: Connecting Bricks and Clicks

Starbucks is known to offer a coherent brand experience throughout all its shops. But Starbucks also recognizes how the internet customer experience connects the in-store experience seamlessly.

The mobile app from Starbucks provides a rewarding customer experience that builds allegiance. Customers can scan their devices to purchase a coffee in shop and receive points in the app as the app is linked to their card.

As customers receive a number of personalized marketing offers, they are obliged to keep checking the app. Starbucks is able to transform faithful clients into brand proponents by enabling clients to send coupons and donations via the app as well.

Amazon: Transparency

It’s no surprise that our customer experience lessons list features Amazon. The shopping experience they give is quite unrivalled and central to their tremendous achievement.

We could write a full article about Amazon’s customer experience offers but if we were to highlight one lesson, it’s actually a remarkably easy one: Amazon excels when you press that button to make it crystal clear what will occur.

When brands fail to clarify stuff like delivery times or shipping costs, conversion blockers are put in the manner. If you’re ever looking for a brand to emulate in super-clear messaging and convincing calls-to-action, look for inspiration from Amazon.

Nike: Innovation With Augmented Reality

Nike has made unique use of Augmented Reality to enhance the customer experience through its SNRKS app that it can offer trainer shoppers. If app users point their cameras to a menu of David Chang, a famous New York chef, then a 3D image of limited-edition trainers, co-designed with Chang, will appear on their screens. These can then be purchased.

Nike has gamified the shopping process by providing creative client experiences with enhanced reality — something that really distinguishes them from other shoe brands.

Disney: Bringing Magic to the Real World Through Personalization

Offering personalized experiences on their websites and throughout their marketing is not uncommon for brands. But when this personalization falls into experiences of the real world, this is when the magic occurs.

The mobile app Disney MyMagic+ not only allows customers to tailor and plan their trips, it also adds personal touch during their time in the park. When customers walk past a screen, their name may appear, or the app may contain pictures taken while on a trip.

This level of integrated client physical and digital experience enables Disney to stand out from the crowd. As this kind of feature becomes more common, we look forward to seeing what kind of real-world customization other brands are coming up with.


A common theme among our examples is that brands need to find ways to connect the physical world to the digital world in order to create a seamless experience. By testing, learning — and continuously innovating — you can discover unexpected methods to use customization to set apart from the contest the client experience of your brand.

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