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Simple Steps to Dramatically Improve Customer Service

As technology continues to progress at a rapid clip, company requirements to develop are growing just as rapidly. Core elements of your company are being pressured to develop in several respects, such as customer service. By creating these 6 enhancements, you can increase your capacity to provide quality customer service as your clients progressively demand it from you.

1- Embrace Technology
Investing in techniques that enable a stronger connection with their clients is by far the most significant thing any company can do to enhance their customer service department. For instance, a restaurant or cafe would do well to replace a classic point-of-sale system with a portable iPad POS that enables servers much more flexibility to assist their customers.
Hotels may also want to invest in software monitoring that can assist employees more effectively to perform their tasks. And in their sales and marketing attempts, B2B businesses are starting to leverage artificial intelligence. Today’s company depends on software for the timely and effective delivery of its services.
Bear in mind that the human element should not be overridden by investment in technology. Research has shown at the end of the day that 57% of individuals will usually feel more comfortable communicating with another individual than with an emotionless robot.

2- Emphasize Personal Connection
Speaking of human interaction, it has always been one of the pillars of excellent customer service to establish a powerful private link. Take measures to guarantee that only individuals who truly enjoy interacting with those around them are employed and help promote a culture of transparency and directness in the process.
Studies have shown that honesty and lack of pretension are the ways to reach the heart of a customer, even in situations where the company itself may look bad, so refrain from engaging in soulless corporate talk and try to keep things on the level whenever possible.

3- Improve Service Times
Typically, customers are not renowned for their patience, a feature that has only been magnified by the inclination to velocity and effectiveness of our modern culture in all fields of life. It is vital that you provide your products or services within a sensible timeframe in order to get on their good side. This implies different things for distinct individuals, of course.
But it’s a reality that individuals like to hear rapidly from their businesses. With that in mind, the UserVoice help desk evaluated thousands of client tickets and found that individuals most valued receiving quick responses (15 percent) and solving their problems after only one client support interaction (46 percent).

In order to shorten waiting periods, one must try as much as possible to automate inner processes and always look for fresh ways to speed up service times. When delays happen, give some type of compensation to your clients, whether in the form of an additional item, a discount voucher or some other type of bonus that will endeavor to your business.

4- Achieve Enhanced Social Media Integration
The desired 18-49 demographic now lives predominantly on the Internet, and there is no better way to win over their hearts than by knowing how to interact via social media. An approximately 9 out of 10 businesses are already on social media in the U.S. alone, but very few really maximize their chances in this region. This invariably implies having a strong understanding of who your clients are, where they are hanging out and what draws them to a specific location. It also involves understanding how you attract large-scale clients, and following the time-honored social media management do’s and don’ts.
A company should remain consistent in its identity, regardless of its size and scope, yet still be brave enough to stand out from the crowd. A brand tie-in that manages to tap into the cultural zeitgeist can go a long way, as can some timely and well-managed campaigns on social media. Click here to read how to use social media as a feedback tool for customer service enhancements.

5- Focus on Innovation
As with all company fields, customer service will only develop if there is space and motivation for innovation for businesses and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, innovation is almost a requirement to stay afloat in today’s hyper-competitive climate.Whether it’s Amazon’s underwater storage patent or Tesla that enables clients to interact directly with business executives, using high-risk, high-reward strategies is a must in the modern landscape.
Look at your company objectively. Where can you get better? What do you have to do to get the curve ahead? Whether you have a nice concept or you’re losing thoughts, do some market research and determine where you’re sitting on the field of play. Using Big Data has also become a main driver of innovation these days, as it includes aggregating big quantities of data and helping businesses comprehend their clients better at a macro level. Click here to read on how to utilize technology to improve customer service.

6-Keep Customers Close and Employees Closer
Employers often ignore the requirements and expectations of their own staff in their search to keep clients happy. However, numerous surveys have confirmed what every representative of customer support already understands: that happy staff are actually making happy clients. So first take measures to attain office harmony and be prepared to listen to suggestions and recommendations from employees if you really want them to go beyond and beyond. Many firms have also taken measures these days to involve their staff by providing them with economic and non-financial rewards for a well done job.
After all, they are the ones who spend most of their time directly interacting with clients.

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