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5 Steps To Improving Employee Happiness

Employees are the foundation of a business, you need them a lot more than they might need you. Employees who achieve job satisfaction produce excellent outcomes and reflect positively on the brand’s image. To improve employee happiness, one must understand the factors that determine workplace happiness levels.

Step 1

Through delegation of tasks from managers into subordinates, it creates job enrichment and employees feel a sense of responsibility that they have earned your trust.

Step 2

Team building activities like doing an activity together also improves employee satisfaction as the activities strengthen their connection with their employees and give them a sense of belongingness which satisfies their social needs in Maslow’s hierarchy.

Step 3

By giving employees more control over their timings and breaks, this will make them appreciate a boss who considers their work-life balance. Customization of work places can also give employees a sense of belongingness and they will be able to create a space that they enjoy working in.

Step 4

Encourage social connections. A simple way is to make birthdays a big deal, as it makes the employees feel special. We all love birthday’s, don’t we?

Step 5

Create a place of growth. Employees want to expand their knowledge and skills and they will not be able to do that if there is no room for growth. Opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills gives one room to grow professionally. Ask your team what skill sets they would like to develop? If they are not giving any lack of opportunities, could lead to boredom and demotivation affecting company output. they will become bored and demotivated which will affect company output.

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