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It is time to maximise your employee productivity

Organisation will be only as successful as employees will make it. People have never had an opportunity to choose from as many jobs as now. It is great for individuals, but it also means that organisations have to face new challenges of retaining and motivating employees. Organisations could think that “there are enough professionals and they will find someone else instead”, but they also have to consider all the costs for hiring new employee – including interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity and of course visa and labour card expenses. It definitely cost less to retain your employees than to hire new professionals. Organisations main focus is revenue and they must realise that it is a teamwork which leads organisation towards success. The highest employee productivity levels can be achieved, if organisations conduct a regular employee engagement survey and analyse the results to develop customised future strategies.

10 steps to conduct effective employee engagement survey –

  1. Set organisation’s objectives.
  2. Design a survey with help from experienced professional.
  3. Share a survey with employees.
    • Show employees the importance of their positive and negative opinion.
    • Give employees examples on how previous survey results have improved the organisation. If this is the first time survey is conducted, explain organisation’s future plans.
    • Understand that employees are busy with their duties and they might forget to fill in the survey, therefore a reminder is an excellent idea.
  4. Collect answers.
  5. Review and analyse survey results.
  6. Get expert recommendations and create action plan.
  7. Thank employees for their feedback and inform them of survey results and action plan.
  8. Take action.
  9. Repeat the process.
  10. Analyse the effectiveness of last action.

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