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How To Achieve a Higher Level Of Customer Service

The value perceived by consumers does not just consist of the price and the quality of the product, the level of customer service received during their experience plays a huge, if not bigger, role in their total customer experience.

Step 1- Speed

The first step to achieving a higher level of customer service is through instant response to customer feedback. One of the factors in good customer service is speed. When customers send an inquiry, aim to respond within 24 hours. Live chat options on websites also drastically enhance the customer service experience for customers.

Step 2- Get To Know Your Customers

Include their names in emails and live chats as it humanises the whole process and makes customers feel like they are talking to another being as opposed to an automated response. When they register on your website, send out birthday discounts and wishes. Customers are all about personalisation now and companies are starting to recognise that.

Step 3- Mend Your Mistakes

If a faulty product has been sent out delivered, send an apology and provide the customer with a replacement instantly, and follow up with a call to check if they are satisfied with the product. This does not guarantee that they won’t spread a bad word of mouth about the business as those can be quite hard to fix. Word of mouth plays an important role during the consideration phase of choosing a product and service.

in Another way to mend mistakes for the enhancement of customer service is through the handling of complaints. Customer grievances shouldn’t be ignored. Employees must make the customer feel like their opinion matters Every consumer’s opinion matters, take the time to empathise and that they do empathize with the customers’ situation.

As a company, you should take complaints as an opportunity to find out where the company is lacking and what it needs to improve on.

A complaint, grievance or feedback is an opportunity for improvement.

Step 4- Think Long Term

It is proven that maintaining old customers is more cost effective than retaining new ones.

Marketers have realised the cost per acquisition for every new customer is far higher that retaining existing customers. Strategise ways to keep them in for the long haul and the easiest way is through customer service and loyalty programs. Live chats and loyalty points will encourage customers to return. purchase again from your company as opposed to competitors.

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