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The Key To Receiving Instant Customer Feedback

Live chats
The first method of receiving instant customer feedback is through live chat. Live chats are great for instant feedback. That is an option most business websites are adapting to and the reason being, instant customer feedback. Most businesses include live chats on their websites, some businesses have reported it’s a lot more efficient that a call centre. You will out where you’ve gone wrong and immediately fix it before speaking to the next customer and ensuring they have a great experience. It’s a great way to document the customers requirements and pain points and escalate to the necessary departments for resolution Customers do not like waiting and prefer live chat so that they can have an immediate solution or response to their queries. In today’s day and age of instant gratification, chatting with your company’s representative could lead to lesser wait time for the customer and some issues could be resolves immediately. A slow overall customer service response rate could discourage people from using your products or services.

Ask for feedback
After the session closes of a live chat, businesses can measure their employee performance by asking customers to rate their experience and can ask customers as to why they gave their session a low rating. Encourage customers to rate your services, request for a quick feedback, either through sms, email, push notifications (if you have an app) or through an automated call. But, it’s always best to ask the customer if they’d be interested in taking a survey. It’s a great way to measure employee performance, department’s performance and a fantastic way to reward and recognise employees that go over and above to assist your customers. By asking customers to assess their experience, it also empowers them and builds trust with the customer as they now know that their input is of value to your company. Empower your customer and listen to what they have to say, acknowledge positive and negative reviews, build trust and develop a dialogue. Customers like feeling heard, They should feel heard as they are the ones companies are targeting. and do something about it. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a wealth of feedback and not taking action to better services. 

Get Social
Social channels can also be a great way of gaining instant customer feedback and an increased number of companies are starting to realize that. The benefits of using social media as feedback tool can be quite significant in improving business processes. Using social channels to obtain customer feedback is also cost free for or relatively inexpensive for a firm as opposed to other data collection alternatives. Most customers tend to use comments and messages to voice their distress or register a complain, you can now drive feedback through polls. Feedback can be obtained through comments, messages and polls. Polls are a highly popular way of finding out what customers like and don’t like. Are you planning to introduce a new product or survey or looking to improve a service, incorporate polls as a regular feedback tool. Communicating with your customers through social media creates promotes a more personal and intimate communication channel. It humanizes the customer service experience as most of the time it feels like we are talking to an inanimate object with the automated responses. Automated responses are great, but humanising customer service is the key.

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